December 2011 archive

These boots were made for walkin’

Boots… trail runners… same thing. Today I threw away my beloved pair of  Vasques that saw me through my entire South American journey. I sure got my money’s worth ($46 on Steep & Cheap, for the record) as these bad boys tackled the Marin Headlands, Sierra Buttes, Colca Canyon, Inca Trail, Bolivian jungle, Salar de …

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Pucón, My Personal Paradise

One week ago I had two goals for the remainder of my trip: to go white water rafting and to get on a horse. My have those goals been reached and then some! In the past six days I have raced my guide on horseback, navigated class IV rapids alongside four other Americans, sped down …

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Tag! You’re it Valparaíso

A few months back someone told me that I HAD to go to the coastal city of Valparaíso while in Chile. After finding myself with two less weeks in the country than originally planned, I figured that Valpo would be scratched. After crossing the border at San Pedro de Atacama in the north, I faced …

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