March 2013 archive

I Love Pai (of all types)

It is no secret that I love pie. Mary Ann Coskery (my dear friend Brittany’s mother) will attest to this in earnest as she makes the BEST strawberry pie in all the land. I am defenseless against it; it is my kryptonite. And as any true pie lover knows, if you don’t have “a slice” …

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Tiger Spoon Train… All Aboard!

Have you ever experienced a moment where you thought, “My entire life has lead up to this”? For many people, walking down the aisle to the love of their life or seeing the face of their newborn baby surely fits the bill. Well, I recently experienced this phenomenon at 2:35pm on Thursday, February 28th in …

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Reflections From a Week in Myanmar

A few months ago I would have been hard-pressed to locate Myanmar (previously Burma) on a map. The country has a long and complicated history that includes rising and falling monarchies, British colonization, conspiracy with the Japanese during WWII, the world’s longest running civil war, and a military junta that only recently began to adjust …

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