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The Surin Elephant Diaries – An Introduction

Three days have passed since I reported for my volunteer duties at the Surin Project and everything I own is covered in elephant poop. It’s not like I rolled in a pile of it, but rather that it permeates all surfaces and waterways and is therefore unavoidable. Today, my comrades and I shredded poop balls …

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Slippery, sopping, sensational Songkran!

My Songkran experience began just outside the doors of my hostel, with a bucket of ice water straight to the face. The culprit? A giggling five-year-old girl wielding a bucket in her hands and a super-soaker across her back. This was going to be interesting. As I collected myself from the jolt, a group of …

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Photo Focus – Saigon, Vietnam

City traffic in Vietnam is outrageous. In Saigon, a city of 10 million, there are 5 million motorbikes. That doesn’t even make sense. I felt like I deserved a round of applause and a high five each time I successfully crossed an intersection. Perhaps even an ice cream. Sure, they technically drive on the right …

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Three custom coats and one motorbike crash in Hoi An

According to every guide book, travel forum, and traveler passing through, Hoi An is the place to have custom clothing made on the cheap. When asked what I planned to shop for, I replied that I didn’t need anything and didn’t want to carry it anyway. That resolve lasted about five minutes once I cruised …

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Travel Tips – How to walk away from your job and travel the world

When I decided to begin saving for my first multi-month trip, I avoided thinking about the fact that I would eventually have to quit my job. Hoard money, first; walk away from years of hard work and a career that I enjoy, second. As my departure date drew near, I grew anxious about my decision. …

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Bus from Hanoi to Hoi An—22 hours of awkward

As I boarded my sleeper bus from Hanoi to Hoi An, I was fascinated by what was before me—a bus made up entirely of bunk beds. It looked ridiculous. Unlike those in South America, this “sleeper”  bus seemed like it may actually provide just that—sleep. What a concept! The individual seats/beds/berths/whatever you want to call …

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