April 2013 archive

Photo Focus – Hoi An, Vietnam

I have always been a sucker for dark alleyways adorned with tealight candles. Honestly, I’m into pretty much anything that reminds me of the wedding scene from 1996’s Romeo + Juliet. What can I say? It was a very influential time in my life. Backstreet Boys had just hit the scene and I was highly …

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Cat Ba Island is not cold (but it is wet)

“From February to April, the weather is often cold and rainy, and ensuing fog can cause low visibility…”  – Lonely Planet, Southeast Asia on a Showstring   Rain and fog? True. Cold?  False. After spending 2 ½ months in a state of perpetual perspiration, I was psyched to wear pants and freeze my ass off. …

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The time it rained inside my room in Halong Bay

While I am not the first American to be water-boarded in Vietnam, I may be the first to have paid for it. Too soon? Oh well—consider me edgy. After a peaceful early evening of star gazing and squid fishing upon a junk boat in glass-flat Halong Bay, we were treated to light rain, accompanied by …

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