July 2015 archive

An anniversary to remember—Rappelling down the Juan Curi Waterfall

As of July 5, Terra and I have officially been dating for two years. In a way, our entire trip to Colombia is an anniversary celebration. A pretty kick ass one, if I do say so myself. On the morning of July 5, we took a local bus from San Gil to the Juan Curi …

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From road to sky in 120 seconds—Paragliding in San Gil

We arrived by car to a bluff where three companies launch their paragliding businesses, and less than two minutes later Terra was airborne. We had scribbled our names and weights onto a piece of paper and Terra was immediately rushed towards a guide, strapped in to a series of harnesses, and asked if he speaks …

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A Vivid Sydney experience

“It looks like Burning Man outside my window.” – Adam Berke, CMO @ AdRoll When I arrived in Sydney last month, it was a real treat to find that I had landed smack in the middle of an annual 18-day art festival called Vivid Sydney. The CBD (Central Business District) was covered with light installations …

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