A Tale of Two Kitties

I am obsessed with my cat Dixie. This fact becomes blaringly apparent once I’ve passed the two cocktail mark. I love her so much, that when my inhibitions are lowered just slightly, I cannot stop talking about how perfect she is. It’s an issue that I’m trying to tackle head on, but I have a long way to go. This is all beside the point.

I am currently passing my days in the Bolivian jungle with a Puma named Gato (folks out here aren’t always super creative). Lately we’ve made some major headway and he’s beginning to not just tolerate, but seemingly enjoy, my presence. Yesterday he even purred for me as I stroked his noggin’. I couldn’t believe it! Today he trusted me enough to walk towardsBalu, his Andean bear arch-nemesis, as we had to get closer before veering off on a different trail. These are occurrences that would not have transpired just two weeks ago, and for that, I am quite proud.

There are very few similarities between Dixie and Gato. He is old, grumpy, and hard to crack whereas she is youthful and falls in love with every lap that she encounters. However, there is no denying that some of their mannerisms are quite similar. This can be seen in photos such as the two above. While Dixie was genuinely hoping for a belly-rub, Gato would love it if you tried so he could swipe at your face. Different motivations, but adorable nonetheless.  I find it fascinating that a domestic cat ½ way around the world displays any of the same mannerisms as her Bolivian puma counterpart.`

A Dixie, Gato, Ali cuddle pile sounds like my idea of heaven. For now, however, I will settle for the daily possibility of puma purring and will continue to look forward to the reunion with my sweet Dixie girl in December. I may even have a cocktail to celebrate that night. But only just one.





    • Janis Gerlinger on November 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm
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    Small, blue eyed, pink nosed, pretty kitty = perfect for lap partner and long term feline friend. Large, grumpy Gato = too high maintenance, too big even for my lap, can’t even picture his scratching post and I definitely wouldn’t want to clean his litter box. That said, probably would be an experience of a lifetime to spend time with him in his natural habitat.

    • Kathy Hoffman on November 11, 2011 at 10:20 am
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    I have to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog. Your photography and journalism has captured my attention.

    I also can understand your affection towards Dixie. I shared your room with her last month and she was delightful company! Stunning and sweet. Nice combo.

    Safe travels. I told your Mom we will visit the Peruvian restaurant down the street, sip pisco sours, enjoy the waves, and convince her not to worry (She is doing quite well, actually. I am very proud of her) Dogs allowed on the patio, you know I’ll get her there now!

    Kathy on the coastside

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