A Vivid Sydney experience

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“It looks like Burning Man outside my window.” – Adam Berke, CMO @ AdRoll

When I arrived in Sydney last month, it was a real treat to find that I had landed smack in the middle of an annual 18-day art festival called Vivid Sydney. The CBD (Central Business District) was covered with light installations of varying levels of trippiness and complexity. Children and adults alike could find something fascinating for a few minutes, or even hours, while strolling through the streets, bundled up in “jumpahs” (jumpers, aka hoodies, as it’s proper winter there). While Vivid is best experienced with one’s own eyes, I just had to share the crème de la crème of the whole event—the projections on the Opera House. Now, I’ve dreamed of using projection mapping at an event for years, but it’s always proven to be too expensive and time consuming. Not so for the city of Sydney— they created a custom, 15-minute loop that was shone onto the Opera House each night from 6:00pm. It was mesmerizing and unlike anything I had seen previously.

If you’re interested in projection mapping (or in learning what it is), light as art, or hallucinatory drugs, I invite you to watch this video that captured about half of the loop. Be sure to do so in 720p hi-def. For the record, my favorite section spans from 3:04 – 3:12. If you listen closely you can hear the carefully composed musical accompaniment, although it often loses out to the sound of passing ferry boats and American tourists. We are outrageously loud sometimes.

You can find more information about Vivid Sydney here. Enjoy!

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