About Me

Hi, I’m Ali. I have always described myself as a goofball who knows how to “get it together” when necessary. In my professional life I’m a marketer specializing in events and customer experience, which means that I know how to order uplighting and negotiate a venue contract with the best of ’em. In my personal life, I’m a DIY enthusiast with a heart that melts for anything furry, a passion for photography, and a need to be competitive in every plausible situation. The “coach’s kid” in me just won’t rest, I suppose.

Four years ago I began to save for a one-year travel sabbatical. In September of 2011, I quit my job, sublet my apartment, dropped my cat off at my mom’s house, and set out into the South American abyss. Over the next three months I coordinated the international adoption of a Peruvian street dog, trekked with a puma in the Bolivian jungle, and realized that international animal welfare and volunteering is a passion that I want to pursue as long as possible.

Off She Goes started as a way to let my mom know that I was still alive, and quickly turned into a safe space for stupid travel stories and a resource for others looking to volunteer with animals around the globe. I hope that readers will laugh along with me and feel inspired to pursue their own adventures and volunteer opportunities.

So far I have explored Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Tanzania, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, and Nicaragua. While I am now back to “real life” with a “real job,” I still strive to travel internationally for a month each year. My goals each day include petting at least one street dog and finding something to laugh out loud about. So far, so good.