Adiós San Francisco

After 3 ½ years with MKTG, my final day came and went on September 1st. It was bittersweet as my traveling freedom had finally arrived, but the reality that I would not get to see some of my favorite people each day began to set in.  At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I’ve felt so lucky to be surrounded by such intelligent, hilarious, and hard-working associates (if I’m being fancy). We have laughed together, cried together, celebrated everything from promotions to babies together, and I could not have asked for better people to be “in the trenches” alongside me. Everyone in the company was supportive of my decision to head out into the great abyss, which is exactly what I needed.

So with the sappy stuff said, we had a freaking awesome time on Thursday night! Emily, Diane, and Adam spearheaded the planning and even had the restaurant (King of Thai– $2 beers, $5 entrées, check it out) paint their entire upstairs purple in my honor. So sweet. Friends old and new drove, bussed, and cabbed it to North Beach to celebrate my newfound “funemployment” (thank you Erin Bush). While we were all disappointed that Momma Candy was not bartending down the street at Mao Bao, we quickly rebounded and settled on O’Reilly’s, my old North Beach haunt, to finish out our night. Diane captured it all on her camera, and pics are included in the “photos” tab. I’ve said it already, but THANK YOU to everyone who came out on a “school night,” it meant the world to me!

Seriously, let’s do it again in December.


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