Animal Volunteer Projects

Where I’ve Volunteered

The organizations highlighted here are near and dear to my heart, as I have personally spent at least two weeks at each (and nearly two months at some). A few notes about how information is presented: The information is based on my personal experience. While I may consider a room “basic but clean” others may …

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Great Organizations

While I have not personally volunteered with these “Great Organizations,” they all work to improve the lives of animals and are in need of your help as a volunteer. The information presented is based on each organization’s website, facebook page, and any correspondence that I have had with a permanent member of staff.   If …

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT VOLUNTEERING WITH ANIMALS   QUESTION: Why should I volunteer with animals instead of with children or adults, on a sustainable farm, etc.? ANSWER: While the rationale behind this decision will be different for every person, I can tell you why I choose to volunteer with animals. In my mind, animals are …

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