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Great Organizations

While I have not personally volunteered with these “Great Organizations,” they all work to improve the lives of animals and are in need of your help as a volunteer.

The information presented is based on each organization’s website, facebook page, and any correspondence that I have had with a permanent member of staff.


If you represent any of the “Great Organizations” featured and would like to see changes, or if you would like your organization to be featured on the site, send me a note through the CONTACT page.

Care for Dogs Foundation

Care for Dogs is a sterilization clinic and rescue center that aims to improve the health of street and temple dogs, reduce the number of strays, adopt animals both domestically and internationally, and combat the dog meat trade. With approximately 200 dogs in their care at all times, volunteers are invited to come and socialize, …

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi

Inti Wara Yassi manages three wildlife refuges in Bolivia, including Parque Machia (Villa Tunari), Ambue Ari (north of Santa Cruz), and Jacj Cuisi (near Rurrenabaque). By caring for a variety of animals, the organization strives to educate the Bolivian population to uphold values that promote life, conservation, preservation, and the recuperation of biodiversity. Volunteer reservations …

Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation helps the homeless and abused dog and cat populations in Phuket, Thailand. The organization aims to set an example for the region on how to better the lives and living conditions of stray dogs and cats and how to humanely reduce their numbers through sterilization. To date, over 49,000 dogs and cats …