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Lanta Animal Welfare


Lanta Animal Welfare is a sterilization clinic and adoption center located on the island of Koh Lanta, Thailand. Since its inception is the mid-2000s, LAW has sterilized and treated over 6,000 animals and is working to eradicate the unvaccinated dog and cat problem on the island. Volunteers are essential to the day-to-day operations of the facility, helping to feed, clean, socialize, and exercise the animals. LAW is funded by profits from the restaurant, Time for Lime, and donations.

Types of animals: Dogs and cats

Volunteer duration: One month minimum

Price: 5,000 THB ($170) plus 5,000 THB deposit that is returned upon one-month completion

Includes: Lodging

Accommodations Details: Basic shared room on-site; cold water only; bucket toilets. There are bungalows, hostels, and guesthouses nearby if you so choose, and your 5,000 THB (for lodging) will be considered a donation.

Workload: MEDIUM. For each six hour shift, you can expect to sweat for about three; the other three are spent working, certainly, but with less of a rush.

Typical Day: Volunteers work six hour shifts (either 7AM-1PM or 1PM-7PM), six days per week plus one overnight shift (7PM-7AM) each week. Some tasks such as feeding, cleaning dirty kennels, and walking dogs are the same each day while daily and weekly tasks such as checking dogs for ticks, sterilizing group play areas, and animal baths vary. LAW is open to visitors from 10AM-5PM, so hourly tours are also part of volunteer responsibilities. Feel free to exaggerate the animals’ stories in exchange for donations. Kidding. Kind of.

Location/Directions: Transportation to Koh Lanta can be arranged by boat (from Koh Phi Phi) or by minibus service from Krabi. From Saladan (where both drop-off), LAW is 5km south on the western road. A tuk-tuk should typically cost around 100THB per person, but you will have to negotiate. Keep an eye out once you have passed the second 7-11 at Long Beach, as there will soon be a large white LAW sign pointing down a road on the left-hand side. You can’t miss it from there.




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