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No longer a newbie—San Francisco Pride Parade

Over the weekend I had the honor of walking in San Francisco’s Pride parade. Pretty exciting for first-time parade attendee, I must say. My friend Chloe Jackman is a professional photographer, and when she put out an open call to join her as she shot for the SF Bay Times (LGBTQ News & Calendar for …

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Photo Focus – Yosemite by Night

While I have yet to complete my final Colombia posts, I couldn’t wait to share these long exposure shots from Yosemite National Park. We braved the crowds for Labor Day weekend and on our final night I played around with Terra’s Nikon D650, keeping the shutter open for as long as 30 seconds at a time. What …

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Photo Focus – Valle de Cocora Hummingbirds

The Valle de Cocora deserves its own post, and its own post it shall receive. For now, I want to share these incredible shots that were captured using Terra’s new Nikon D750, the first full-frame camera that I’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot with. After hiking for about an hour, we arrived at the …

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Two dogs, zero balls—the story of Roky and Big Poppa

I had originally planned to write about Roky and Big Poppa in my post about our day in Guatapé, but these two legends really do deserve their own story. I’ll start with Roky. As we passed through the main square in Guatapé, a bassett hound was fully sprawled out in front of a restaurant, begging …

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Race you to the top! A day exploring Guatapé

The town of Guatapé looks like 10,000 Crayola boxes melted on top of it. Seriously, it simply can’t be real. It is exactly what a movie set for an old, peaceful Colombian village would look like because, well, that’s pretty much what it is. On a tip from a San Francisco friend that we randomly …

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Photo Focus – Medellín’s Metrocable

While in Medellín we decided to venture to Parque Arví, a large ecological nature reserve that sits just beyond the ridgeline above the city. After taking a “standard” Medellín Metro train north through the majority of the city we then switched to the super-impressive gondola-like Metrocable line. It was like loading a chair lift in …

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