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Photo Focus – Howler Monkeys

For our final two nights in Nicaragua, Terra and I splurged on a treehouse at Aqua Wellness Resort on the coast outside of Playa Gigante. On night one, we had wrapped up happy hour at the waterside restaurant and I ran up to the room to grab my DSLR for the sunset. The ascent included many, many stairs and after several …

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Exploring Ometepe – Adventures in Island Transportation

For the past two weeks I’ve tried unsuccessfully to pull words together and share the magic of Ometepe. A tropical island comprised of two volcanoes—one active and the other dormant—with wild animals and hidden waterfalls in the middle of a lake with the world’s only freshwater sharks. Oh my—hello dreams, allow me to introduce you …

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The International Language of Sport

When getting off the “gringo trail” in any Spanish-speaking country, it’s hugely advantageous to have at least a slight handle on the language. To give you an indication of the amount of Spanish that Terra (my Nicaragua travel partner and current boyfriend) speaks— upon our arrival he asked me how to say, “No.” Ok then, …

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Photo Focus – Ometepe’s Butterflies

The Isla de Ometepe (Ometepe Island) is magical. There is no better way to describe the island with two volcanoes that sits in the center of Lake Nicaragua. During our four night stay near the small village of Merida, on the inactive volcano side, I was mesmerized by the hundreds of gorgeous orange and black butterflies. When at home, one such butterfly …

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One Hour Up, One Minute Down—Volcano Boarding at Cerro Negro

The safety briefing sounded strangely familiar:  “When you are ready, you use your heels to stop.” “Can we pull this to help stop?” Grabbing the rope tied to the tip of the board. “No, if you pull on that you will go faster. If you go faster, you may tip over and fall very badly, …

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Jumping Off Rocks in the Somoto Canyon

Canyoning is, far and away, my favorite extreme activity. I first gave it a go in Austria in 2006, and the memory of floating on my back down a deep ravine with a slight mist falling from above is one that I think of fondly, nearly every day. I don’t have a single photo from …

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