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6 years later: A return to Lanta Animal Welfare

It’s well documented that I’m obsessed with my Thai dog, Lady, whom I adopted from Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) while volunteering there in 2013. When Terra and I decided to head back to Thailand for our honeymoon, visiting LAW was a must-do, non-negotiable on my list. While I’d joked with friends and family about bringing …

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Two dogs, zero balls—the story of Roky and Big Poppa

I had originally planned to write about Roky and Big Poppa in my post about our day in Guatapé, but these two legends really do deserve their own story. I’ll start with Roky. As we passed through the main square in Guatapé, a bassett hound was fully sprawled out in front of a restaurant, begging …

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