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The Top 5 Series: Things I absolutely cannot travel without

Packing for a big trip is daunting. In fact, the only way that I’m able to attack the task is with a big glass of wine and the original “Jock Jams” CD. “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE” launches me into action and helps to channel my Chi so that I can count out pairs of …

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Travel Tips – How to organize EVERYTHING before your trip

At this point you’ve saved money, parted ways with your job, and you’re getting seriously excited for weird street meat and 6’4” German men named Hanz (Just me? Ok then.). Now it’s time to do some up-front work that will allow you to enjoy your time on the road without worrying about what’s going on …

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Travel Tips – How to walk away from your job and travel the world

When I decided to begin saving for my first multi-month trip, I avoided thinking about the fact that I would eventually have to quit my job. Hoard money, first; walk away from years of hard work and a career that I enjoy, second. As my departure date drew near, I grew anxious about my decision. …

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Travel Tips – How to save for your DREAM trip without really trying

Over the past year and a half since I quit my job and headed out on my first multi-month adventure, friends, coworkers, and family members have asked, “How do you do it?” This question is quite broad and it applies to various aspects of what I’ve been doing: how I saved money, how I quit …

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The Top 5 Series: Why You Should Travel Solo

As I mentioned in “Why You Should Travel With Friends,” there will always be benefits and drawbacks when hitting the road on your own or with a group. This Top 5 list outlines some benefits of solo travel enjoyed by those of us that head out by ourselves from time to time (or all the …

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The Top 5 Series: Why You Should Travel With Friends

  After a 2.5 week whirlwind tour of Turkey, our group of 6 disbanded at 8:30am on Thursday morning. In true “I’m on vacation so I DON’T CARE!” fashion, we went out until 5am the night before, so the goodbyes were short, sweet, and hurt like, well… like we had been out until 5am. Looking …

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