LAW Adoptable Animal: Lila Bean the Cuddle Machine


This is Lila, a corgi mix and volunteer favorite at Lanta Animal Welfare. She has the cutest bouncy butt in town and loves nothing more than a cool spot to lounge while receiving a belly rub. You can see proof of this in the video below.

Lila once called a nearby beach restaurant “home,” but was abandoned when the owner closed up shop for low-season. Underweight and without shelter, she was attacked by a group of stray dogs and ended up at LAW for medical care. Because of the danger of continued attacks on the beach, she became a part of the LAW family.

At approximately six or seven years old Lila has many great years of belly rubs and cuddles ahead of her. Will you be the one to give them to her? Please share this post with friends or family that love corgis, Thailand, dogs, rescue stories, cute things, the color blue… the adoption candidates are endless! Together let’s find Lila a place to call “home” once again.

DSC_2000    DSC_2010    DSC_1709

Important Note: Adopting an animal from LAW is a streamlined, straight-forward process that is surprisingly affordable. I will be providing detailed information on my start-to-finish experience once I see Lady’s lovely face at baggage claim at the SFO airport. In the meantime, more information can be found here.


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