No longer a newbie—San Francisco Pride Parade

Over the weekend I had the honor of walking in San Francisco’s Pride parade. Pretty exciting for first-time parade attendee, I must say. My friend Chloe Jackman is a professional photographer, and when she put out an open call to join her as she shot for the SF Bay Times (LGBTQ News & Calendar for the Bay Area) I enthusiastically threw my hand in the air.

It wasn’t until this weekend that I fully grasped the importance of Pride weekend. In that space, everyone is celebrated for simply being who they are and for loving who they wish. What a simple, and beautiful, concept. Here are my favorite shots from the day. And keep a look out, as some may just end up in the SF Bay Times.




PrideParade-4 PrideParade-5 PrideParade-6  PrideParade-8 PrideParade-9 PrideParade-10 PrideParade-12 PrideParade-13 PrideParade-14


PrideParade-15 PrideParade-16 PrideParade-17 PrideParade-18

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