Photo Focus – iPhone Treasures in Graeagle


There are few things more frustrating than missing a great shot because your big DSLR camera isn’t locked-and-loaded or is back in the hostel safe. I don’t typically travel with my iPhone (for fear of losing it), but boy-oh-boy I think I’m going to start.

While enjoying my family vacation last week in Graeagle, CA (about an hour north of Truckee) I found that some of my favorite shots were taken with my phone. This isn’t due to perfect composition or exposure, but rather the candidness of the subjects and scenes. I would have missed Lady’s first interaction with a giant white dog (read: horse) if it hadn’t been so easy to pull the phone out of my pocket and hold it over her head. Slap a filter on that bad boy and it was good-to-go!

So take a look around and, if you like what you see, keep an eye out for an upcoming post featuring the Gray Eagle Lodge, a dog-friendly mountain oasis that has been my second home for 24 summers.



Kianna and the butterfly



She was quite confused.



Long Lake hike with Lady.



Sunny daze.


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  1. Terry

    I’m in the Graeagle area every summer. It’s so beautiful up there. The Feather River is amazing but can be dangerous.

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