Photo Focus – Saigon, Vietnam

City traffic in Vietnam is outrageous. In Saigon, a city of 10 million, there are 5 million motorbikes. That doesn’t even make sense. I felt like I deserved a round of applause and a high five each time I successfully crossed an intersection. Perhaps even an ice cream. Sure, they technically drive on the right side of the road in Vietnam, but you wouldn’t know it by watching rush hour traffic. Whatever direction will get them there faster is the way that they’re going to go. Best to keep your head on a swivel as a pedestrian.

This week’s Photo Focus captures a typical traffic scene and stars one bad ass little dude. Look at him—  he’s not even phased by the fact that his father is directly endangering his well-being by placing him on that bike. Nah, he’s got a cool helmet and even sweeter Tony-the-Tiger shades— he good.


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