Photo Focus – Valle de Cocora Hummingbirds


The Valle de Cocora deserves its own post, and its own post it shall receive. For now, I want to share these incredible shots that were captured using Terra’s new Nikon D750, the first full-frame camera that I’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot with. After hiking for about an hour, we arrived at the Reserva Natural Acaime, a stop on the Valle de Cocora route that is home to eight types of hummingbirds. I set the camera to shutter-priority (1/1600 s) and after several failed attempts (those little buggers really are fast!), I caught a few gems. Enjoy!


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  1. Mom

    These are awesome baby girl!

  2. Kathy Hoffman

    You have become one heck of a good photographer. That new Nikon, is not doing all the work. Great images.

    1. abiggs9

      Thank you so much, Kathy! That means so much coming from you.

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