Sucre Car Show

Over the past two months in South America, I have observed many things that have left me dumbfounded. While not all of these moments have been properly documented with photographs, I was able to capture one such event recently as I explored the main plaza in Sucre, Bolivia’s “White City.”

Here is the scene:

A small group, led by a drummer and tuba player, marched ahead of three vehicles. Naturally, one gentleman held a statue of the Virgin Mary; she seems to be a part of everything in this part of the world.  The cars followed closely behind, with each covered almost entirely with blankets, lace, Andean textiles , etc. How the drivers were able to see anything at all is a complete mystery.  While lace is somewhat see-through, it has to be a bigger distraction than texting while driving. The seemingly random “paraphernalia” atop each car led to additional confusion. A Sylvester stuffed animal playing Guitar Hero next to his collection of silver teapots—yup. Winnie the Poo ghost riding a Toyota atop a panda-print bedsheet with outdated Bolivian pesos glued to a handkerchief—absolutely. And why not, it was a Tuesday at 2:24pm after all.

Once the procession had made its way around the corner, I was left to ponder the true meaning behind the spectacle. Was this a funeral procession for a videogame -loving clown? Or perhaps a very well executed grassroots PR campaign by Toyota to peak interest in a new model of the Prius? Either way, I simply can’t imagine that this group wanted to be taken too seriously when they placed the faux Fender in Sylvester’s lap. He’s even wearing a headband for crying out loud.

In closing, some of you may read this post and wonder why I didn’t simply ask a fellow observer what was going on. For those of you who know me well, you know that I love a story where I can stretch the truth far more than a story with straight facts. And so, I will allow the mystery to continue.

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