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Grumpy Gato & The Bolivian Jungle

Gato is quite grumpy. The reason behind this is up for interpretation. It may be because he prefers beef but usually receives chicken. Or potentially because he continues to be paired with English speaking gringas who want to pet his head more than he likes. Or even better yet, perhaps it’s because he’s 17-years-old and …

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La Paz’s Black Markets

La Paz, Bolivia is a strange place. It sits extremely high in the mountains (to the tune of 11,000+ ft above sea level), is home to the world’s most dangerous prison, and draws an extremely rambunctious international party crowd who, most days, don’t leave hostel grounds. Even knowing all of these things, I was under …

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Lake Titicaca: Focus on the sunsets

While at first I was leaning towards the title “Lake Tourist-Trap,” a few additional days around Lake Titicaca, including three of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen, have left an overall positive impression. My Lake Titicaca experience started in Puno, the launching point for a two-day, one-night trip to three of the lake’s …

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