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These boots were made for walkin’

Boots… trail runners… same thing. Today I threw away my beloved pair of  Vasques that saw me through my entire South American journey. I sure got my money’s worth ($46 on Steep & Cheap, for the record) as these bad boys tackled the Marin Headlands, Sierra Buttes, Colca Canyon, Inca Trail, Bolivian jungle, Salar de …

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A Tale of Two Kitties

I am obsessed with my cat Dixie. This fact becomes blaringly apparent once I’ve passed the two cocktail mark. I love her so much, that when my inhibitions are lowered just slightly, I cannot stop talking about how perfect she is. It’s an issue that I’m trying to tackle head on, but I have a …

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Grumpy Gato & The Bolivian Jungle

Gato is quite grumpy. The reason behind this is up for interpretation. It may be because he prefers beef but usually receives chicken. Or potentially because he continues to be paired with English speaking gringas who want to pet his head more than he likes. Or even better yet, perhaps it’s because he’s 17-years-old and …

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