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The Amazing and Adoptable Animals of Lanta Animal Welfare

Your friend: “So where did you get your dog? He seems pretty chill.” You: “Oh, I rescued him from Thailand.” Your friend: “Wow, really? That’s amazing! You are the coolest person I’ve ever met in my entire life.” Come on, admit it—you’d love to have this conversation. I know I’m looking forward to holding a …

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Looking For Love Online: My Search for the Best Thai Dog

Online dating has gone mainstream. I’ve dabbled—at one point I would have even said “successfully”— but that is neither here nor there. At this point we all know the gist, even if you haven’t personally taken the plunge. You post a few photos, try your best to encompass your awesomeness into three paragraphs or less, …

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Volunteering at Lanta Animal Welfare

Those who know me well, or rather, those who have spent at least five minutes with me, know that I am a huge animal freak. Yes, freak. I once tried to bring my cat to a bar to introduce her to my coworkers. I orchestrated an international dog-napping and hung out with a puma every …

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