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Colca Canyon… ouch.

Please don’t get me wrong, our 3-day trek of the Colca Canyon was one of the best experiences of my life. The scenery, local communities, and one special mountain dog made for an incredible adventure. But man… it hurt! Our trek began at 3am on Thursday morning, with a van ride to Chivay, the doorway to …

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There’s a dog on the roof!

Ok, maybe not in the photo above, but around Arequipa, this is a common occurance. If you don’t believe me, see below. Adam and I arrived in Arequipa, Peru yesterday via overnight bus. Given that it was a 12-hour ride, we splurged for VIP seats (approx. $40) that reclined well past 120 degrees and included dinner, blankets, …

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What’s a waiver?

As we approached the crest of the first dune, our driver turned to our group of 7 and said (in Spanish), “Sandboarding is dangerous. Be careful.” And with that, we were OFF! Straight down the dunes on either our stomach (me) or like a snowboard (Adam) at speeds of what felt like 30 mph. No …

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Inca Kola tastes like magic.

Of course, this statement is based on my personal opinion of what magic would taste like. In this case you take bubblegum, add sugar, carbonation, and a food dye that makes it look like nuclear river water, and BAM… Inca Kola. Every adult who, like myself, was deprived of sugar-based cereals as a a child …

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