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Water you doing to me? How to SUP with a dog in Lake Tahoe

I had previously observed the scene—a woman gracefully skimming across the water atop a stand up paddleboard, her trusty canine companion calmly sitting at the bow. I wanted to be that duo; to enjoy a peaceful moment in nature together, to truly connect over a nautical activity. So when we headed to Waterman’s Landing in Carnelian …

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Looking For Love Online: My Search for the Best Thai Dog

Online dating has gone mainstream. I’ve dabbled—at one point I would have even said “successfully”— but that is neither here nor there. At this point we all know the gist, even if you haven’t personally taken the plunge. You post a few photos, try your best to encompass your awesomeness into three paragraphs or less, …

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The Legend of Sincola

Last night I stood on a balcony overlooking the tarmac at the Arequipa airport and watched as Adam and our new dog Sincola (Cinco) boarded a plane for SFO, via Lima. I was crying uncontrollably for a few reasons. One being that I was very proud to have successfully weeded through all of the paperwork …

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