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The Top 5 Series: Best Sunsets Around the Globe

It’s been several months since I posted a Top 5 list but by-golly we’re getting back to it! As my time in Southeast Asia begins to wind down (two more months!), I’ve begun to reflect on the “best of” my travels thus far. I now present to you my TOP 5 ABSOLUTE BEST SUNSETS that …

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(Not So) High Speed Adventure on Four Wheels

Eleanor Roosevelt recommended that you “Do one thing every day that scares you.” In my opinion, if you can do something that scares you 365 days a year for years on end, then you’re a big baby. I mean, really. Who is scared of that many things? That said, I have recently tackled quite a …

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The Top 5 Series: Why You Should Travel Solo

As I mentioned in “Why You Should Travel With Friends,” there will always be benefits and drawbacks when hitting the road on your own or with a group. This Top 5 list outlines some benefits of solo travel enjoyed by those of us that head out by ourselves from time to time (or all the …

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