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Climbing Kili—A Labor of Love, The End

The thing about climbing a mountain is that once you’ve reached the top, you have to come back down. All the way back down. In this case, it was approximately 15 miles and while we took seven days to get up, the opposite trip was accomplished in one. Some members of our group felt that …

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Climbing Kili—A Labor of Love, The Summit

We had been trudging uphill for over 6 hours in sub-freezing conditions when we finally saw the legendary sign. We had reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro! Or so we thought. In a final dirty trick, some genius felt that “Stella Point” was worth marking and affectively crushed the souls of every hiker to attempt …

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Climbing Kili—A Labor of Love, The Beginning

When Erin first asked if I’d be interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro I scoffed. Absolutely not. It sounded like a long, miserable journey that I was not in any way prepared to tackle. However, after a bit of internet research, I came around to the idea of attempting “Everyman’s Everest.” And with that, we paid …

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