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Peru – Fun Facts

This morning I took a bus from Puno, Peru to Copacabana, Bolivia. During the 3-hour trip, I reflected on all things interesting, strange, and noteworthy from my first month in South America. Here I present a collection of random thoughts (and no, none of them have anything to do with llamas): There are dogs everywhere. …

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The Inca Trail. Wow!

Since mid-July, I have been looking forward to the 4-day, 42km trek around the Inca Empire’s stomping grounds. Due to government restrictions, only 500 people are allowed to hike the “Classic Inca Trail” each day, and as a result tickets are sold out at least 2 months in advance. To be honest, I booked the …

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Inca Kola tastes like magic.

Of course, this statement is based on my personal opinion of what magic would taste like. In this case you take bubblegum, add sugar, carbonation, and a food dye that makes it look like nuclear river water, and BAM… Inca Kola. Every adult who, like myself, was deprived of sugar-based cereals as a a child …

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