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The Long Journey Home: Leaving Lanta Animal Welfare

When you travel slowly, you allow places to become a part of you, to take a hold of your heart and provide you with a new perspective. Koh Lanta has been that place for me and yesterday I said goodbye: goodbye to the loving animals at Lanta Animal Welfare, the dedicated volunteers who make the …

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Photo Focus – Two Legged Wonder

Your eyes do not deceive you—that is a two-legged dog walking without assistance. And not only does he walk but he also trots and runs, full-out. It’s amazing. This is Bruce. He belongs to the Lanta Animal Welfare General Manager (Matt) and Marketing/Adoption Coordinator (Lindsay). He was found in a plastic bag in Bangkok, both …

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LAW Adoptable Animal: Lila Bean the Cuddle Machine

This is Lila, a corgi mix and volunteer favorite at Lanta Animal Welfare. She has the cutest bouncy butt in town and loves nothing more than a cool spot to lounge while receiving a belly rub. You can see proof of this in the video below. Lila once called a nearby beach restaurant “home,” but …

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Photo Focus – Woman’s Best Friend

This week’s photo focus comes from Koh Lanta, Thailand where I was recently reunited with my adopted street dog Lady. In just three weeks we will board a plane together en route to San Francisco. Until then, we are enjoying all of the sunset beach walks that we can, with plenty of breaks to chase …

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A Day with the Bears

Let’s talk about bears. Think about all of the bears that were a part of our youth: Yogi, Smokey, Teddy Ruxpin, The Berensteins, Balu, Poo, Paddington, Fozzy, and the Care and gummy varieties. Holy crap that’s a lot of bears. And yet, how often do we think about bears now that we’re adults? In my …

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Photo Focus – Free the Bears

This week’s Photo Focus is from my day spent as a “volunteer bear keeper” with Free the Bears Fund, just outside of Phnom Penh. This sun bear cub is thoroughly enjoying his mid-morning snack served in a hard plastic ball meant to challenge him mentally and physically. Stay tuned for a more detailed post and information …

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