There’s a dog on the roof!

Ok, maybe not in the photo above, but around Arequipa, this is a common occurance. If you don’t believe me, see below.

Adam and I arrived in Arequipa, Peru yesterday via overnight bus. Given that it was a 12-hour ride, we splurged for VIP seats (approx. $40) that reclined well past 120 degrees and included dinner, blankets, pillows, etc. Overall, it was a successful venture, although neither of us got much sleep as a result of constant turns being taken at high speeds.

While planning for this trip, I read all about the “usual” Peruvian tourist stops, and for some reason, really thought that I would love Arequipa. Well, I was right on the money. The city is a mix of old colonial buildings and modern industry, all sitting in the shadows of active volcanoes. We’ve spent the past two days wandering around, exploring parks, markets, and restaurants to our hearts’ delight. So much food, so little time.

Tomorrow morning (at 3am… WHAT?!) we are being picked up and taken on a 3-day trek of the Colca Canyon. For just $50, we will receive transportation to/from the world’s 2nd deepest canyon, two nights accommodations, and all meals. I could get used to this. It should be a good warm-up for the Inca Trail, which we begin in just 9 short days. I think I’ll slip some extra items into Adam’s pack to help build his stamina. Just kidding.

But getting back to the topic of this post… please see the two photos below that were taken within 20 minutes of one another today. Not only are there seemingly stray dogs everywhere, but they manage to attain rooftop access. Something that most San Francisco residents can only dream of!



    • Mom on September 21, 2011 at 9:18 pm
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    Stray Pit Bulls on the roofs? You don’t see that every day! Don’t leave restaurants with a doggie bag;-) Beautiful city!

    • Kimo Sloan on September 21, 2011 at 9:28 pm
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    Looks like our pit-bull einstine.But he would barely climb up 3 steps while we were in Peggy’s old hot tub. Hope to see you here for Thansgiving dinner at our house in Hlf Moon Bay. Please keep us up to date with your posts and picture cousin Ali. We will continue to pray for your safety and return home. Kimo <

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